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Hope Pro 5 Hubs with Reserve Carbon Rims

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This tubeless ready wheelset is assembled with Hope Pro 5 hubs, Reserve Carbon rims, Sapim spokes and nipples. Tape and Filmore valve stems are included.

Hope Pro 5 Hubs

  • Improved sealing to stop dirt ingress and to reduce drag 
  • New Labyrinth seal has zero drag for incredible freewheeling performance 
  • New Pawls/Springs design to increase longevity, load capacity and reduce drag
  • Increased engagement from 44 to 108 with a new offset 6 pawl freehub design 
  • Wire cut pawls from high strength steel for maximum strength. 
  • New step down axle design for a stiffer more durable freehub 
  • New hub body profile for increased stiffness without adding weight 
  • Ebike Specific hub designed for the demands of ebikes  Fully serviceable and rebuildable with simple tools.  Steel HG Freehub standard. 
  • Available with all modern freehub bodies 
  • End spacers can be easily swapped to suit different frame and axle standard 
  • 6 bolt or Center lock disc fitting

Reserve Carbon Rims

Spoke Reinforcements:  Reserve uses externally reinforced spoke holes to strengthen the area where the rim sees the most force, around the spoke nipple. This provides for improved strength without adding unnecessary weight.

Redesigned Rim Bed:  The redesigned rim bed eases tubeless installation, with a shaped rim bed utilizing offset spoke holes that allows the tire to easily push past the bead bump to seat tubeless tires.

Asymmetrical Design:  Asymmetrical rims front and rear make for a stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles and equalizing the spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive side spokes. 

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