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Winspace Lún Hyper 2023 Carbon Road Wheels

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The HYPER 2023. Carbon spokes, ceramic bearings and a filament-wound rim make them the ultimate performance wheelset. The super-lightweight construction makes them climb and accelerate like no other wheel. Carbon spokes produce a wheel that is both light and stiff giving you wheels you can rely on for the hardest sprints or toughest climbs, day-in, day-out. Tubeless rim tape, tubeless valves, and 4 spare spokes included.

  •  F-RAPID Rim Profiles
  • 21mm Internal Width (27.6mm External)
  • Carbon Spokes
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Tubeless Ready (Clincher Compatible)
  • Optimized for 25-28mm Tires
  • 1421g (Hyper 45)
  • Disc Brake or Rim Brake

    21 MM Internal Diameter

    The wider 21mm internal width rim gives better aerodynamic performance with a 25mm wide tire.  Can take tires all the way up to 47mm. 

    F-RAPID Design

     Wheels feature the exclusive F-RAPID Design. The Front and Rear Aero Profiles are Individually Designed to meet their unique demands. The front wheel is optimized for its leading edge performance giving speed and stability in a variety of conditions with a more rounded rim profile. The rear wheel profile is taller and is optimized for lower yaw angles with an emphasis on trailing edge performance.

    Filament-Wound Rim

     Filament-wound rim to keep the weight down and the acceleration fast. The butterfly weave finish reinforces the rim at the spokes while keeping weight down across the entire rim.

    Carbon Spokes

    The carbon spokes remain as an essential part of the formula. Carbon spokes are lighter and stronger than their traditional steel counter-parts and offer great ride characteristics of snappy acceleration and greater wheel stiffness during sprints.

    We’re Hooked on Tubeless

    Tubeless is great! But if you’re not convinced you may still run regular clincher tires and tubes. For those running tubeless we made small tweaks to the rim which should make tubeless setup just that little bit easier.

    Robust Hub

    Due to the unique design of carbon spokes, an off-the-shelf hub won’t do. We engineered our hubs with 3 main goals:  reliability, efficiency and lightweight. Over-sized 17mm central axles and optimized flange radius contribute to the overall strength of the wheelset, allowing the use of large 6903 and 6803 ceramic bearings to minimize rolling resistance. The drive-side flange allows for the optimum spoke angle and length for maximum power transfer. An optional XDR driver ensures your wheels are future-proof.

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